Crowdstrike AdversaryQuest CTF – Much Sad

In January 2021 Crowdstrike opened up their AdversaryQuest CTF. The CTF consisted of 12 challenges split across three new “threat actors”: SPACE JACKAL, PROTECTIVE PENGUIN, and CATAPULT SPIDER. The challenges mostly focused on binary exploitation and reverse engineering which is a bit of a departure from my skillset. Nonetheless I was able to solve two […]

TufMups Network Forensics Challenge Write-up

Recently I was browsing the CTF section and found a nice network forensics challenge released by Andrew Swartwood in December 2017 called TufMups Undercover Operation. We are given a PCAP to analyse, and the following briefing: You’re an agent with a government law enforcement agency. You’ve been tracking a group of criminal hackers known […]