Proxmox & Software RAID5 on HP Microserver Gen8

I recently bought a HP Microserver Gen8 with the intention of installing Proxmox and expanding my virtual lab environment. In my setup, Proxmox is installed and boots from the internal Micro-SD card reader, with 4 2TB spinning disks (actually 3x2TB & 1X3TB, due to a shipping error in my favour!) to hold the virtual machines. […]

Making Sense of 10010 OnionScan Results

A few months ago, Sarah Jamie Lewis released the wonderful OnionScan; a tool for enumerating (and resolving) potential security issues arising from poorly configured Tor Hidden Services. It’s kind of a big deal for people who are interested in that sort of thing. As cool as OnionScan is, scanning Hidden Services one at a time […]

CREST Registered Intrusion Analyst

A little while ago I took (and passed) the CREST Registered Intrusion Analyst exam. This post won’t give anything away in terms of the exam itself, but hopefully will serve as a bit of background for anyone who happens to be thinking about trying for the certification, as I found information a bit lacking when I […]

Thoughts on Running a Tor Exit Node for a Year

I’m a big fan of Tor. Both as a concept in that it allows people to access information that might otherwise be inaccessible*, and as an interesting technical project. In an effort to support the Tor network and to learn more about how it actually works, I’ve been hosting various Tor nodes on various boxes for […]

Making Sense of 2,027,189 Login Attempts

Back in January I began setting up a Kippo SSH honeypot on an old VPS that I wasn’t really using for anything else. As it was a spur-of-the-moment kind of thing I spent an hour or two making the Kippo SSH service look a bit more interesting (and less like Kippo) before hardening the real […]

Forensic Analysis of the Nintendo Wii Game Console

By popular* demand… my MSc thesis from 2010. Still, as far as I’m aware, the most complete analysis of the original Nintendo Wii console. Possibly for good reason! Abstract Like other modern game consoles, the Nintendo Wii provides users with a powerful networked device capable of performing many of the tasks carried out by a conventional desktop […]