Hack The Box – Illumination (Forensics Challenge)

A Junior Developer just switched to a new source control platform. Can you find the secret token?

There isn’t much to this challenge. We are given an archive containing some source code and the associated .git directory.

Entering into the .git directory…

…and reading the Git logs…

git log

…we can see that commit 47241a47f62ada864ec74bd6dedc4d33f4374699 removed a “unique token”. We can view that specific commit and see exactly what was changed.

git show 47241a47f62ada864ec74bd6dedc4d33f4374699

We can clearly see the original token highlighted in red, which has been replaced with some placeholder text. Looking at the character set and the trailing = character, base64 encoding is a good bet.

echo "SFRCe3YzcnNpMG5fYzBudHIwbF9hbV9JX3JpZ2h0P30=" | base64 -d

There we go. Job done.



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